ECG 2015 Recap

March 10th, 2015

From the 6th till the 8th of March, the ECG event was held at the TT Halls in Assen. We’ll provide you with a quick recap of the event, share our view and experience and document some unseen Guns, Gore & Cannoli features.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli at ECG

To start off on Thursday we packed up way too much stuff into the car, drove off to Assen (around a 3 hour drive) and started setting up our booth.

Once the event went live we constantly had our booth packed with people trying out our brand new demo and loving it.


Not for long, we were noticed by the press team from XBoXOneNederland. They conducted an interview with our CEO Steven. Not going to spoil it’s content though, we’ll give you an update when it’s released!


On Sunday, our friends and colleagues of ExcaMedia invited us to use their 60” screen to showcase some 4-player coop. (note: this is the first time we bring out this feature!)



If you are interested in seeing even more, you can visit They have an extensive recording of our 4-man coop sessions.

ECG Features.

On the event there were a number of booths, stages and lots of hardware that provided attendees with stuff to check out and interact with. Here’s a quick summary:

The tank

The Dutch army was kind enough to provide the event with an armored vehicle that happens to possess the power to blast a hole into anything you can imagine. Best thing was that it wasn’t used as a visual plus, you were actually able to climb on and inside to get a close look at the military version of the Porsche.


Alas we were not allowed to take pictures inside the tank, top secret military stuff.

Just Dance Stage

Further down the hall there was a stage that had music blasting from it 24/7. On Friday there was a radio station providing the hall with some cool mixes, but on Saturday and Sunday the setting was altered to a Just Dance playground.
At the time we dropped by for documentation, there were 2 guys putting on a performance that can be classified as mediocre at best. There were dance crews occupying the stage at times, which would have provided more appealing photo material. Only thing I have to say to that: if you wanted to see them too, you should have been there!

Hitpoint booth: DusDavidGames

DDG is a famous Dutch YouTube crew providing reviews on gaming hardware and showcase gameplay on a variety of games. They are quite popular among the younger Dutch crowd and so had a fair share of the attention go to them.
Personally I didn’t have the time to really follow what they were doing, seemed to be worth it though.


At the back of the hall, a couple hundred PC’s were set up for a 3day gaming session. Among them were Dutch gaming teams like MouseControl but the majority consisted of non-professional gaming fanatics.
They were playing pre-selections for the finals to be hosted at one of the booths on Sunday, providing quite some entertainment for fans of LoL, Hearthstone, Starcraft II and Counter Strike: GO.


Other Indies

Excamedia and Team6 both had their booths set at the event, each showcasing their products.
We were set up next to Excamedia and got to experience one of their newest experiments: gaming on an ANTVR (similar to Oculus Rift).


As always we thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it.
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PS: we’re announcing our release date some time during the next week!

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