Greenlit by Steam! Cazzo Sì!

September 4th, 2014

Thanks to all!

Our Greenlight campaign started Friday the 29th. Our game was well received by the Steam community. It was amazing news for the entire team. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the mail appearing in my inbox. We followed the progress closely until we received the big news just this morning.


What’s Next?

We’ve been working on this game since the beginning of 2014. It will be a cartoony 2D action platformer game. Play as Vinnie, a vengeful gangster who comes to Thugtown to straighten a few things out. Vinnie is sent to a messed up city, looking for a ‘goodfella’ who’s gone missing since the zombie-outbreak.
Travel through a dangerous mind-blowing environment filled with zombies and gangsters. You will face many different enemies and clues in a story filled with betrayal and vengeance.
The Greenlight process has been extremely enlightening. We talked to a lot of fans and developers. Local Co-op and localization have been hot topics and on our TODO list. Being greenlit encourages us to set up a Kickstarter. Given the possibility to involve more people into our project, offering cool gadgets and even physical goals. More news shall appear very soon!  So stay tuned and eat a lot of Pasta! Meanwhile, our studio engines are running on full speed. More levels and features are being made and soon announced.


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