Guess what we just won?

February 9th, 2015

That’s right! Guns, Gore & Cannoli was elected best PC game at Casual Connect Amsterdam! Being selected out of a pool of over 100 other games from different studios was amazing. A year of designing and developing, with all its ups and downs felt totally worth it!

Receiving a prize isn’t as simple as ‘who votes for’ and then counting the amount of hands in the air though. During the 3 days of the event our game got put through the grill by both visitors and jury members. We got reviewed on our design, gameplay, cut scenes and voice acting, both scared and anxious to know the opinions.

Turns out, both parties really liked it. Didn’t mention it before, but other than winning a prize, we also got nominated for best audio! Couldn’t take home the prizes for artwork and narrative, but maybe that’s too much to ask for at this stage. After all we’re still an indie studio, not triple A.

Now while winning a prize was pretty great, it doesn’t change anything about how we feel about the game. Good reviews serve as nothing but motivation to keep up the work we are doing. We’re still taking in feedback and applying improvements and polishing where we can.


Gamers and Dev’s united. It was quite a crowd.

Steven, CEO of Crazy Monkey Studios going on stage to receive the prize and giving a quick speech




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