Guns, Gore and Cannoli First Testing Event

January 26th, 2015

Thursday was a big day for Guns, Gore and Cannoli! We successfully finished our first closed beta event where both single player and coop mode were tested on multiple platforms (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC and Mac).

Not going to lie, we were pretty scared at first. Developing a game and doing some testing on it ourselves is very different from inviting 20 random people to put your game through the grill. The final moments before the start of the event were, as a result, pretty stressful, but once the first testers arrived and started playing we realised it was out of our hands from that point onward.

About 30 minutes later our entire hall was filled with people playing Guns, Gore and Cannoli. Curiously though, it was not at all the kind of crowd we were expecting. Instead of hardcore gamers, we were presented with a group consistent of middle-aged men, women, teenagers and children. Needless to say they had different gaming experiences as well (if any at all). After some brief questions we found out we were dealing with a mixture of MMO, FPS, hardcore, casual and probably even some Tetris players.

This is not particularly comforting when you need to present one game to such a varied crowd. Luckily not too long after, we could let out a sigh of relief when the initial fuss settled down and there was a very positive atmosphere going on. One way or another every one of these people were enjoying themselves just about equally, playing the same game.

So we went out on a quest to find out what attracted different types of people to our game. For some it was the typical Belgian artwork they were enjoying, others were emerged in some hardcore zombie slaying, and the more casual gamer was just having fun taking his/her time going through the levels at their own speed.

A much appreciated comment a lot of the testers gave was that the game was looking very polished for being in the beta phase. There were obviously some (rather amusing) issues that need to be tweaked, but it feels like we’re on the right track to having a fully polished game by the time it’s released.

By now you must be anxious to try out the game for yourself. Well guess what, you can! There’s a demo available on the website right now, waiting for you to play it. And if you’re interested in staying up to date with what we are doing, make sure to keep an eye on our website for a report on the beta event this Thursday (yes we’re having another one), upcoming events where the game will be featured, open beta, release date and much more!

You can also find us on Facebook ( and on Twitter where we encourage you to ask any questions or give feedback. Arrivederci Mobsters!


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