Guns, Gore & Cannoli ready to conquer PlayStation 4 on 08/12

November 23rd, 2015

Hello gangsters!

Today, we can finally announce the much anticipated release of Guns, Gore & Cannoli for Playstation 4. After earlier releases on Steam and Xbox One, many have requested a PS4-version and soon everyone will be able to enjoy it. Starting Tuesday the 8th of December, we are ready to conquer the PlayStation Store!

You are Vinnie Cannoli, who is sent on a mission to find a Goodfella who has gone missing. However, as soon as you set foot ashore, it becomes clear that Thugtown is overrun with zombies and other evil. You need to put on your best wiseguy-face and help Vinnie deal with the scum that is invading the city. In the campaign mode you’re trying to find the truth behind the mysterious events occurring during the prohibition era, while giving everyone who stands in your way an extra breathing hole, capiche?


We wanted to make sure that every experience is different, which is why we’ve added a bunch of skins for you to choose from. Pick an outfit and start a war with the local crooks. Of course, a nice outfit alone won’t cut it. So we took it a step further, only a true Godfather knows how to handle the wide variety of weapons you can use to clean every corner of ruthless foes and turn them into pulp. In order to make sure that things go as planned, you need to arm yourself with pistols, tommy guns, flamethrowers,… and shoot, blast and vaporize every danger we have sent your way.


Of course a mobster is stronger as a gang so why not make your friends an offer they can’t refuse by inviting them over for local co-op fun. Up to 3 players can join you on your mission in destroying every lowlife that turned into a flesh-eating maniac. But it doesn’t stop there. Show your friends which mafia clan rules the streets by crushing them as a true Don in our Versus mode. After humiliating your friends, you can add AI to get some target practice. But be prepared, they will be expecting you and they can’t wait to pop you…

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