Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 blasts onto Steam March 2

February 18th, 2018


Sequel to critically acclaimed 2D platform shooter introduces 4 player online co-op

Check out the new Release trailer here.

So you wanted more guns, more gore and – especially – more cannoli? We’ve got your back! Crazy Monkey Studios is beyond excited to announce that our newest game Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 is coming to Steam on March 2, 2018. That should give you just enough time to start dusting off those Tommy guns. Because you sure as hell are going to need them.

The story of the campaign mode kicks off some 15 years after the events of the first game. World War II is in full swing and while allied forces are landing on European beaches, the mob goes about its business. The Thugtown Massacre should’ve been a long forgotten memory, but when some loose ends of the past start crawling out, our mafia hero Vinnie Cannoli has to save the day once again.

Traveling as far as the European battlefields of the second World War, players will get to whack mobsters, zombies, monsters, Nazis and everything in between. Using a ridiculous arsenal of weapons, you’ll blast yourself a way through a variety of gorgeous hand-drawn levels. The new weapon wheel and full 360° aiming combined with improved mobility of good old Vinnie lets you easily shoot everything that moves.

We’re also happy to include one of the most requested features by fans: 4-player online multiplayer. Because the only thing more fun than shooting zombies on your own, is blasting the hell out of some (undead) Nazis with some friends. Those who prefer to be in high-fiving distance of their brothers in arms can rest assured that local multiplayer is still an option.

In short: if you liked the first game, you’re going to adore this one. The team worked hard to retain the unique feel and attention to detail of the original while making improvements to the gameplay where possible. We’re confident you’ll agree we did good.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli hits Nintendo Switch on December 21

December 17th, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and Crazy Monkey Studios is about to make it even better. We are happy to announce that on December 21, 2017 our classic action shooter Guns, Gore & Cannoli will see the light of day on Nintendo Switch. That’s right, you’ll be able to spice up your Xmas party with a healthy dose of zombie slaughter. Just take a look at the trailer and you’ll see: this is sweeter than the frosting on the Christmas cake.

After doing really well on pc, Mac, Xbox One and PS4, we’ve been teasing the Switch version on and off for the last couple of months but the wait is now over. More than ten million Nintendo fans around the world will finally be able to enjoy this hilarious 2D shooter set in a zombified ghost town during the roaring twenties.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli offers a kick-ass campaign mode featuring our mafia hero Vinnie Cannoli in a range of moblicious cutscenes. After you’ve completed his story you can switch to versus mode where you can duke it out with expert AI in 7 unique battle arenas. Make sure to load up that Thompson machine gun and flamethrower if you don’t want to be blown off the map!

Both of these modes can be enjoyed in 4 player local multiplayer, with players choosing one of 13 different skins. As the Switch was designed with local multiplayer fun in mind, this multiplayer madness is a natural fit for the console and has never been better.

Hailed for its gorgeous hand-drawn art style and fast-paced gunplay, Guns, Gore & Cannoli currently holds a 94% rating on Steam. But you don’t have to take anyone else’s word for it. If you think you’re up to the challenge, you can buy Guns, Gore & Cannoli from the eShop on December 21 and put your money where your mouth is. We’d love to hear what you think about the game!

Oh, and before we forget. With the Switch version out of the door, the team is now 200% focused on bringing you a little game called Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2. More on that very soon!

Enjoy the game and have a nice day!

We’re having fun at EGX this weekend

September 22nd, 2017

Hello youse,

Tremendous news for the people that have no weekend plans yet and live in the Birmingham area. You can leave your house right now, make your way to the NEC and come play the Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 demo! When you get back home, still high on the adrenaline of blood-pumping zombie blasting, you can wishlist the game. For all your weekend planning needs, Crazy Monkey Studios at your service!

After our adventures in Cologne, we continued tinkering on the game, making some AI adjustments and squashing some nasty bugs. Now that our batteries (and Thompson machine guns) are reloaded, it’s time to hit the road again. The left side of the road, to be precise.

EGX in Birmingham, running from September 21 – September 24, marks the first time we’re braving UK traffic (you crazy people drive on the LEFT SIDE OF THE ROAD – that stuff is even more dangerous than breaking omerta code!) to present our English fans with the latest adventures of Vinnie Cannoli. We had over 1250 people playing the demo at gamescom, so we hope we can do even better at the biggest game fair in the UK. EGX is the first stop of a small European press tour that will include GameForce in Belgium and Firstlook in the Netherlands.

While producer Steven is handling the road, the rest of the team is working their bum off to make Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 the leaner and meaner sequel that we want it to be. The game will feature some awesome bossfights and we just wanted to show you guys what we’re currently working on. Can’t have a World War II themed game without having a proper tank battle, now can you?

So, for those who are short on time because they have to go whack some people at a Chinese restaurant:

  • Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2
  • September 21 – September 24
  • EGX at the NEC in Birmingham
  • Create mayhem and blow up zombies.

Trust us, if you liked the first game, chances are you’re going to adore this one. See you there, or else…

Play Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 at gamescom

August 23rd, 2017

Hello youse,

We’ve just wrapped up the first day of gamescom. While we already feel like our feet are made out of concrete, we’re so excited to see our murderous baby put a smile on the face of so many players. Just take a look at some of the pictures* of our booth.



IMG_5507 (1)

This could be you! The week is still young so if you’re visiting gamescom, we’d love for you to come and join in the bloody fun. There’s two places you can get your grubby little fingers on the game. Our booth in the entertainment area (Hall 10.1 – A67) has no less than seven demo stations waiting for players with anxious triggerfingers.

Trade visitors with access to the business area can also find us on the corner of the Belgian games booth (Hall 4.1 Booth A-019G). There’s plenty of other great games to discover there, so you might want to come and pay us a visit there as well.

If you have a soft spot for stylish cartoon violence and shooter action that feels crispier than a flamethrower roasted Nazi zombie, you should definitely swing by and try out Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2. We won’t tell you twice, capiche?

*individuals were not held at gunpoint during the taking of these photographs. Made men’s honor.

Switching up Guns, Gore & Cannoli

July 27th, 2017

Hello youse,

First of all: yes, this is another post about the first Guns, Gore & Cannoli. And no, you don’t have to worry about the sequel. The development of Vinnie Cannoli’s second adventure continues at a steady pace. As long as our offices don’t get thrashed because we “forgot” to pay our protection money again, the game will be out later this year.

We received so much lovely reactions on our announcement of Guns, Gore & Cannoli for Nintendo Switch that we’re more than happy to share some more details about the project.

The decision to port our hit game to the Switch was quite the no-brainer. We’ve always wanted to turn Vinnie’s rampage on the undead of Thugtown into a portable experience. As we’ve never had that chance with PS Vita, the Switch finally gives us this opportunity. Our team was already super interested in the Switch technology, so this project is a good way for us to explore the possibilities of the hardware.


Nintendo has been a joy to work with. Off the bat they were interested in the game and it is a pleasure to work with the Nintendo people who are guiding us through the process. We’ve been in touch with them since last year but received our development kit and access to the developer portal just last June.

Even though Nintendo supplied all the plug-ins for us to work with their device and tools. Although uur game engine Unity already provided some support, it still took us a whole week to get the existing code running on the Switch. Setting up the Switch DVK on a development pc was easy enough, but we had to debug a lot of stuff.

Some of the more unique features of the Switch platform also pose a series of development challenges. These may seem like trivial issues, but you’d better not overlook them if you don’t want to end up with a broken game.


One of the major differences are the multiple ways players can control the game. Usually, you have to take only one control method into account, but on Switch people can be playing with a controller in TV mode, use handheld mode or play with the Joy-Cons detached in table top mode. All different input methods need to be tested and each one requires a different approach. Features can be implemented differently in each mode and it’s quite challenging to figure out the best control set-up for every input method.

Something else that initially caught us off guard was the save system. The Switch allows different user profiles on the same system to all have their seperate save files. We had to fix several crashes when switching between users.

The majority of development is spent on making sure the Switch version runs as smoothly as possible. Some levels are really big and feature a lot of enemies, so we had to streamline some of that content. We’re carefully taking our time to optimise the game so we’re able to get the most out of the console hardware.


This all may sound like a chore, but make no mistake about it that the team is having a lot of fun bringing this experience to Nintendo Switch. We can’t give you a fixed release date yet, but are confident that the game will pop up on the Nintendo eShop later this year. We currently have no plans to release a physical version.

Oh, and to wrap up with some news about the sequel after all: we’re having so much fun with the Switch that we’re proud to announce that next to pc, PS4 and Xbox One, we’ll simultaneously release Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 on Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned to our blog and social media for more details on the game and final release date.

We’re back from the dead

July 1st, 2017

Hello youse,

We know. We KNOW. It’s been a long time since we’ve posted any updates. But no longer! As we’re gearing up for the final months of development on Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2, we’ll bring you more updates than ever before. Really, if we’re not able to keep that promise you can tie us to an oil drum and let us sleep with the fishes.

Anyway, there’s a lot been going on in Thugtown lately and we can’t wait to let you in on some exciting little secrets.

Development on Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 is shaping up nicely. The sequel will feature a new range of enemies and we’re having a lot of fun designing those rascals. Last week we worked on enemies that can hide in open windows so they’re harder to blast to smithereens. Nothing a good old shotgun to the face can’t take care of though.


Another new feature we’re working on is the weapon wheel. As the game gives players the freedom to unleash hot lead in 360 degrees, it’s nice to instantly have an idea what weapons you have at your disposal. With the weapon wheel, switching between different weapons becomes a breeze and players will be able to go for a more strategic approach.  

Last but not least we have great news for all fans that begged us to let you shoot zombie freaks on the go. Your prayers have been heard: Guns, Gore & Cannoli will be making its way to Nintendo Switch. We received our Switch devkit last week and will be porting Vinnie’s first adventure to the new console. Nintendo was very keen to add the game to their indie line-up and we’re thrilled we’re going to make this happen. Stay tuned for more information.


If all this news has you shaking on your feet and you can’t resist the urge to blast undead in the face: the first Guns, Gore & Cannoli is currently 53% off on Steam. You can now get the game for less than an actual cannoli*

If you’d rather take a shot at the sequel, you’ll get plenty of opportunities. We will be showcasing Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 at the following events all around Europe:

We hope to see you at one of these events. In the meantime, stay tuned to this blog and our social media channels for the latest updates on the game.

*might actually be more than an actual cannoli. Please refer to your regional cannoli dealers for current pricing

Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2

January 24th, 2017

Hello everybody. Exploding news coming up.  Continue reading at your own risk…
We’re pleased to announce that Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 will come to your gaming device in 2017.

It’s been a while since we’ve posted any updates on our news page. Our team has been so busy lately working secretly on a sequel to Guns, Gore and Cannoli.
Finally we reached a milestone in our development that we can start spreading the news.

In case you haven’t noticed, check out the new official website and the teaser video demonstrating some in game footage!
The team will be pimping the website and Facebook page occasionally with new eye-candy.

There is more to come and I can guarantee we’ll have a visual feast by summertime.

In the meantime we scheduled several events in the upcoming months.
We’ll demonstrate the demo at Casual Connect Berlin (7-9 February) and participate in the Indie Prize award. Fingers Crossed.
From February 27th to March 3rd we’ll be hosting the game at GDC San Francisco where you can find us in the lobby bar at the ID@Xbox booth.
On April 1st and 2nd we’ll showcase the demo at Facts convention, Gent.
In case you are visiting these events feel free to drop by, say hi and play our demo.

Don’t forget to read our blog and social media once in a while because we’ll post news on the progress frequently.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli now available on Playstation 4

December 8th, 2015

D-day has arrived! Starting today, the long anticipated Playstation 4 version of Guns, Gore & Cannoli is finally here. Head over to the Playstation store now to buy the game, put on your best wiseguy-face and start cleaning up Thugtown today, capiche? Watch the trailer to get pumped:

You can find our game at the following link: Playstation Store


Guns, Gore & Cannoli ready to conquer PlayStation 4 on 08/12

November 23rd, 2015

Hello gangsters!

Today, we can finally announce the much anticipated release of Guns, Gore & Cannoli for Playstation 4. After earlier releases on Steam and Xbox One, many have requested a PS4-version and soon everyone will be able to enjoy it. Starting Tuesday the 8th of December, we are ready to conquer the PlayStation Store!

You are Vinnie Cannoli, who is sent on a mission to find a Goodfella who has gone missing. However, as soon as you set foot ashore, it becomes clear that Thugtown is overrun with zombies and other evil. You need to put on your best wiseguy-face and help Vinnie deal with the scum that is invading the city. In the campaign mode you’re trying to find the truth behind the mysterious events occurring during the prohibition era, while giving everyone who stands in your way an extra breathing hole, capiche?


We wanted to make sure that every experience is different, which is why we’ve added a bunch of skins for you to choose from. Pick an outfit and start a war with the local crooks. Of course, a nice outfit alone won’t cut it. So we took it a step further, only a true Godfather knows how to handle the wide variety of weapons you can use to clean every corner of ruthless foes and turn them into pulp. In order to make sure that things go as planned, you need to arm yourself with pistols, tommy guns, flamethrowers,… and shoot, blast and vaporize every danger we have sent your way.


Of course a mobster is stronger as a gang so why not make your friends an offer they can’t refuse by inviting them over for local co-op fun. Up to 3 players can join you on your mission in destroying every lowlife that turned into a flesh-eating maniac. But it doesn’t stop there. Show your friends which mafia clan rules the streets by crushing them as a true Don in our Versus mode. After humiliating your friends, you can add AI to get some target practice. But be prepared, they will be expecting you and they can’t wait to pop you…

Save the date: Xbox One release scheduled for Friday 25/09

September 21st, 2015

Hello gangsters, we have huge news for you!
Following up on our release for PC & Mac, we have prepared Guns, Gore & Cannoli for the console market. A true milestone, because it will be the first Belgian game ever to be released on Xbox One!

Clear your schedule because on September 25th, Guns, Gore & Cannoli is coming to Xbox One and with it comes a shiny new trailer:

On top of the 2D, fast-paced, humorous campaign mode you will get 13 additional free skins you can use to shoot, blast, kick and vaporize your enemies. These skins can of course be used for the campaign mode, but why stop there: we’ve added a new game mode to put your skills to the test.


That’s right! Guns, Gore & Cannoli will now be available with local Versus mode to turn friends into foes and foes into pulp! With even faster action, new areas and AI.

Don’t have anyone around? … Neither did we! As we locked ourselves into our basements and build a new battle AI ready to take over the world. And no better way to test it out then to put it in our new Versus mode.


This AI can calculate all your moves and tricks 1 million times faster than you do and on top of that, they can predict the future. It’s prediction: You will die a horrible death.

Do you think your reflexes and years of experience can outsmart 21kb of seemingly random gibberish code? Find out soon and see if you’re up to the task. All of the previously mentioned changes will also soon be implemented in the Steam version of the game.

Concerning the PS4-players: we haven’t forgotten about you either. The PS4-version is still in the verification process but will be announced soon.

Good luck out there in Thugtown, you’re going to need it!

PS: On Saturday the 26th & Sunday the 27th we will attend FACTS in Flanders Expo, Gent (Belgium). Make sure to pay a visit to the FLEGA Belgian Games Pavilion, as we will present our newest version of the game.

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